[Oiio-announce] OpenImageIO 1.8.17 and 2.0.2-RC2

Larry Gritz lg at larrygritz.com
Sat Dec 1 10:33:11 PST 2018

We have tagged "Release-1.8.17" and moved the "release" branch tag to match. Release notes are below.

This is probably the last 1.8 edition that will be the official recommended stable release, since 2.0 is in release candidate stage and is mere days from being final. As soon as 2.0 is deemed final, 1.8 will go on life support, with critical bug fixes and other patches only as requested by people who can't easily move to 2.0 yet.

The 2.0 release was originally scheduled for today, but we had some important patches this week, so will have one more RC. If all goes well, we will declare a 2.0 release sometime in the coming week.

The new 2.0 release candidate is tagged "Release-2.0.2-RC2". Please try out, this will become the stable branch in the immediate future.

Release 1.8.17 (1 Dec 2018) -- compared to 1.8.16
* Fix `oiiotool --info` in Windows -- printed path wrong. #2052
* Build: When finding OpenEXR, use the version detected by pkg-config, if
  available. #2057
* zfile: more careful gzopen on Windows that could crash when given bogus
  filename. (Particularly on Windows.) #2070
* `ImageCache::invalidate(filename)` did not properly invalidate the
  "fingerprint" is used to detect duplicate files. #2081
* Fix Strutil::vsnprintf detection of encoding errors on Windows. #2082

Larry Gritz
lg at larrygritz.com

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