[Oiio-dev] OpenImageIO 2.0.4 release

Larry Gritz lg at larrygritz.com
Sat Jan 5 20:40:05 PST 2019

I have tagged Release-2.0.4 and updated the "release" branch marker to that spot.  If you are on 2.0, I strongly urge you to upgrade, since this contains several important fixes and helpful improvements. As usual, it should be fully back-compatible with 2.0.3 and should be a drop-in replacement.

Release 2.0.4 (Jan 5, 2019) -- compared to 2.0.3
* Fix potential threadpool deadlock issue that could happen if you were
  (among possibly other things?) simultaneously calling make_texture from
  multiple application threads. #2132
* ImageInput read_image/scanline/tile fixed subtle bugs for certain
  combination of strides and channel subset reads. #2108
* TIFF: Fix problems with JPEG compression in some cases. #2117
* TIFF: Fixed error where reading just a subset of channels, if that subset
  did not include the alpha channel but the image was "unassociated alpha",
  the attempt to automatically associate (i.e. "premultiply" the alpha) upon
  read would get bogus values because the alpha channel was not actually
  read. Now in this case it will not do the premultiplication. So if you are
  purposely reading RGB only from an RGBA file that is specifically
  "unassociated alpha", beware that you will not get the automatic
  premultiplication. #2122
* Python: define `__version__` for the module. #2096
* IBA::channel_append() previously always forced its result to be float, if
  it wasn't previously initialized. Now it uses the uaual type-merging
  logic, making the result the "widest" type of the inputs. #2095
* ImageSpec::find_attribute now will retrive "datawindow" and "displaywindow"
  (type int[4] for images int[6] for volumes) giving the OpenEXR-like bounds
  even though there is no such named metadata for OIIO (the results will
  assembled from x, y, width, height, etc.). #2110
* ImageCache/TextureSystem: more specific error message when tile reads
  appear to be due to the file having changed or been overwritten on disk
  since it was first opened. #2115
* oiiotool: New `-evaloff` and `-evalon` lets you disable and enable
  the expression substitution for regions of arguments (for example, if
  you have an input image filename that contains `{}` brace characters that
  you want interpreted literally, not evaluated as an expression). #2100
* oiiotool `--dumpdata` has more intelligible output for uint8 images. #2124
* maketx: the `-u` (update mode) is slightly less conservative now,
  no longer forcing a rebuild of the texture just because the file uses
  a different relative directory path than last time. #2109
* WebP: fix bug that gave totally incorrect image read for webp images that
  had a smaller width than height. #2120
* Developer goodies: string_view now adds an optional `pos` parameter to the
  `find_first_of`/`find_last_of` family of methods. #2114
* Dev goodies: Strutil::wordwrap() now lets you specify the separation
  characters more flexibly (rather than being hard-coded to spaces as
  separators). #2116

Larry Gritz
lg at larrygritz.com

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